Got a head full of ideas?

Bright, inquisitive, crazy about music / the arts, social-media savvy, full of self-motivation, based in Cambridge and wanting to get some great project experience in the arts industry for your CV?  Then we want to hear from you.

We're looking for a project intern, aged 18-25, based in Cambridge, to be part of the team that helps us explore all the potential of the House of Cambridge concept.  It's an incredibly exciting time to get involved and the work will be challenging, varied and fascinating.

You need to have your own laptop & phone, be free to get started pretty much now, be willing to work from home on your own (or coffee shops of course), be innately inquisitive & a self-starter (though willing to take a bit of direction), be good with Microsoft Excel (or equivalent) and able to get into central Cambridge for two x 2 hour meetings (which can be daytimes, evenings or weekends - whatever suits you).  The project is going to be research focussed. We will give you a project brief which you can make your own, cover all expenses (i.e. travel to the two meetings), buy you lots of coffee & cake (or healthy alternatives) during said meetings, write any reference for you and give you some great experience for your CV.  We'll also pay you £200. There could be a few phone calls, so you need to be happy in your own skin and brilliant at communicating.

In terms of time, we're looking for a 20 hours spread over 2-3 weeks.  

So, tell us about you.  Be creative (that's core to our business) and honest and let's see if we get on. (A word of advice - have a read through the whole form before you start filling it in.. there are some things you'll need to do and the form can't be saved so you need to be ready to complete the whole thing in one go...)

p.s. Further down the line we'll be looking for a volunteer youth board which will get together once a month from January onwards (most probably early evenings on Thursdays) and will have a say in how we set up the site, some of the acts we choose (seriously!) and most importantly input on what would make other young people get interested enough to come along. All youth board members would get named in the festival programme and there's more too, but we can't give all our secrets away here. More info coming soon.


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Take a 2 minute video of you telling us about yourself - what floats your boat, your pet hate, why you want to work with us, anything else that you think will persuade us to interview you and so on! Then upload it somewhere (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) and paste the private link to it below... unless of course you want the world to see it which is entirely up to you.
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Please fill in every single thing that you possibly can. The better filled in the form, the better your chances of being selected.

Don't forget to read it all through first - we need a short video from you, and you can't save the form once you've started. Get creative & show us why you're brilliant!