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UNITED - the details

We're creating the biggest ever 1940's-themed-event-wrapped-around-a-film-premiere that you will have ever seen. 

Here are some key questions answered.

When & where? Saturday 29th September in two spectacular hangars in the Imperial War Museum, Duxford.  The event starts at 7.00pm and ends at 11.45pm.

What is it? It's a hangar dance on steroids, with a film premiere in the middle.  There will be period cocktails (created & served by the fabulous Cambridge Cocktail Weekend), vintage food from The Grill Sergeant, a 1940's trio called The Knightingales charming you as you sip said cocktails, an authentic jazz band called Harmony in Harlem (dancing, anyone?) booked by the brilliant Cambridge International Jazz Festival, and some rather fabulous pin-ups and entertainment from the brilliant Neon Moon. You can see more about the event partners by scrolling down this page.

Why is it called United? That's a good question, with many answers.  Because the film is about love and the connection (or otherwise) between people, and because we're in the United Kingdom and in WWII the United States of America joined with us and brought something rather special to this region.  But it's also because House of Cambridge is all about uniting brilliant creators of content to give you a good time.  People are good together, basically.

What does it cost? Standard tickets cost £32.50 / early bird tickets (of which we're offering a limited number, once they're gone, they're gone!) cost £28, and VIP tickets cost £50 (with an early bird price of £45, ditto). There is a small booking fee applied by our ticket partner. 

What's included in the ticket price? A sparkling drink on arrival, as well as two live bands, one film premiere, and an incredible vibe.  If you buy a VIP ticket you get a 'meet & greet' with the director & cast, an extra cocktail, a hotdog from the Grill Sergeant or a vegan / vegetarian option (which is unlikely to be vintage, but we figured that a vegan hotdog with bread might not be everyone's cup of tea, so we're going to bring in some gorgeous vegan food and warp time), and the best seats in the house for the film.

What else is available? Period cocktails. And pretty much every drink a bar normally serves. And food from The Grill Sergeant.

What should you wear? The sky is the limit, literally!  Think the RAF, think 1940's retro, think land girls, think American G.I.'s, flying jackets. We'll be in touch about this and about what our Wing Commander for the night might award the best dressed in due course ;)

Where & when can I get tickets? Tickets go on sale at 2pm on Tuesday 21st August and will available to buy online only at or click the big link in red below.

Who else is involved? Scroll down to see the Magpie film trailer, and for more info regarding our event partners, food & entertainment...



the UK Premiere of 'Magpie'

Magpie is an Independent British drama, written, directed and filmed in East Anglia by directors Paul Cook and Carmel Hannant. When the directors approached House of Cambridge about hosting their UK premiere, we could not believe our luck.  Just watch the trailer below, and you'll see why.  For 'UNITED' we are delighted to be welcoming a whole heap of people from the cast and crew, and also a number of the re-enactment communities supporting the film, along with vehicles (and touch wood, possibly a plane or two).  The film lasts c.45 minutes and will be screened in partnership with the Cambridge Film Festival.  We cannot wait.  But there's a little more that we'll be building around it....

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UNITED is a collaboration between House of Cambridge, the team behind new independent film 'Magpie' (see above for the fabulous trailer, and more info about the film) and four of Cambridge's finest arts & entertainment brands, as follows below.

Click here for full information regarding each of the partners

UNITED partners

Our entertainers

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The Knightingales

The Knightingales are a close three part harmony trio that performs well known 1940s classics, as well as modern music with a vintage twist (commonly known as Post Modern Jukebox).  They've performed across the UK and beyond, been on both radio & TV, and sound absolutely fabulous.  Come be charmed.

For more info see

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Harmony in Harlem

Harmony In Harlem knows how to swing, Ellington-style! Think the Cotton Club days of Duke Ellington and his famous orchestra, and get your dancing shoes on. They've played at BAFTA Piccadilly and too many lindy hop dances and parties to count, and for United will be performing two sets to get you on shaking your tail feathers.

For more info see 

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The Grill Sergeant

With food names like The Spitfire, The Jitterbug, The Churchill and The Ginger Rogers, you sort of know that this guy is a little passionate about the 1940's. We particularly loved his logo.  All food from the Sergeant will be between £5-£6.

Suffolk Coffee Pod

Because we all need coffee to keep dancing. And it’s September and it might be nippy. And finally because the Suffolk Coffee Pod’s coffee is delicious.




event sponsors & media partners

We couldn't do what we do without these people.  They're all experts in their field, and we thank them.

Sponsors & partners.png

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. Well, you all know who these guys are!  We'd particularly like to thank Emma Borley, who has been a supporter of House of Cambridge from the very first peep of an idea. We're being interviewed by the BBC on Monday 10th September at 12.15pm. Tune in here:

The Cambridge Network turns 21 this year (and bizarrely HoC co-founder Andrea, in another life, helped launch their first ever website!). They're part of Cambridge's DNA, bringing together all sizes & shapes of businesses and fostering & creating so many connections & collaborations across the city. We're proud to have them as media partners.

The Cambridge creative community has long been drawn together by CamCreative, brainchild of Paul Smith (one of HoC's advisers).  Involved in anything creative in the city? Then you should be on their mailing list, or better still heading over to one of their events. Designers, writers, producers, photographers, artists, musicians, editors and more. #findyourtribe @

Equally as creative are Independent Cambridge.  Founded by the lovely Steve Linford and Anne Beamish, Independent Cambridge champion all things independent in our city, with flair, warmth and passion. Their guide to Cambridge is packed full of the best independent shops, businesses, places to eat, venues and events, and we love what they do. Check out

In a nutshell, Jenny Nelder (from JNAE) turns things around.  Driving the admin & management of any project from a top directorial level to a bottom sleeves-up level, this woman is a force to be reckoned with. With over 20 years experience in big budgets, big events, big egos and big deadlines, if you need a little bit of calm and to be able to sleep at night, call her. Find out more here:

 Dave Jones & his team from Tenhats are sterling supporters of the arts, and have kindly printed all our flyers & A3/A4 posters that you'll start to see dotted around Cambridge soon. They're a multi-discipline printing company with ten hats of services on offer, including litho, digital and exhibition print, plus promo goods. Find out more here:

We Are Sound is a musical collective of over 120 singers and musicians in Cambridge, and the founding partner of House of Cambridge.  They've recently finished a local run of 19 sold out gigs, totally in the dark and to rave reviews, and will be taking 'In The Dark' to Edinburgh and around the country in 2019. Check them out here:

Richard Wolfströme is the man behind our House of Cambridge logo & the poster for UNITED!  Honestly, this man is brilliant. He's created some amazing work over the years, all of which you can see here:  As part of the wider House of Cambridge team Richard will be bringing his magic to all our art work as our events unfold.

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