Our entertainers

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The Knightingales

The Knightingales are a close three part harmony trio that performs well known 1940s classics, as well as modern music with a vintage twist (commonly known as Post Modern Jukebox).  They've performed across the UK and beyond, been on both radio & TV, and sound absolutely fabulous.  Come be charmed.

For more info see www.theknightingales.co.uk

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Harmony in Harlem

Harmony In Harlem knows how to swing, Ellington-style! Think the Cotton Club days of Duke Ellington and his famous orchestra, and get your dancing shoes on. They've played at BAFTA Piccadilly and too many lindy hop dances and parties to count, and for United will be performing two sets to get you on shaking your tail feathers.

For more info see www.harmonyinharlem.co.uk