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So what's the process?  Shimples.  Whichever type of event you're wanting to submit, simply fill in the form below.  

If you're looking to bring a fringe show, we'll get looking for space based on all the applications we receive and then come back to you once we have venue options to offer. The money? You won't have to pay anything to perform (whoop!) and at the very least you'll be able to do a collection from the audience... but we're happy for more established fringe artists to charge for tickets and will outline how this will work if this is you once we hear from you.  So just fill in the form and let's take it from there.

If you're wanting to submit content for the main Spiegeltent, then once we've heard from you, one of the team will give you a call to talk further. We have a limited number of slots available so we really can't 100% promise we'll get you in... but if we're not able to, there will (touch wood!) be other options. Show us how brilliant you are and let's take it from there.  The money? We'll either be looking to pay acts a fee, or to do a split of the takings on the door. It's got to work for everyone.  (One thing to bear in mind - if you're submitting content for the main Spiegeltent space, you ideally need to have experience of selling out similar sized venues - c.650 seated (reducing to c.400 seated if in the round with a chunky performance space) or 800 standing.  However, as underdogs ourselves, we do understand that everyone needs a first chance.  If this is you, then we would suggest that you be really creative in how you pitch to us...if you're amazing, we may be persuaded.


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Please fill in every single thing that you possibly can. The better filled in the form, the better your chances of getting in. We'll almost definitely need more info at a later stage, but this will do for now.