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We're looking for engineers & scientists with cool ideas / experiences / technology to take part in the middle day of our House of Cambridge 'feast of festivals' (running from 26 May - 3 June 2018) in our spectacular Spiegeltent on Parker's Piece.  This is the first year for House of Cambridge and already we have a whole host of partners including the Festival of Ideas, the Science Festival, the Cambridge Jazz Festival, the Cambridge Comedy Festival, the Cambridge Film Festival, the Ahbab Music Festival, the Cambridge Cocktail Weekend, the Cambridge Beer Festival and more.  We'd like to include you. 

How? House of Cambridge is all about bringing brilliant creativity (whether in the arts or science) to the fore, and getting people to engage with it in colourful and unpredictable ways.  The middle day of the festival is going to be entirely science / technology / climate / planet focussed... and completely free.  We're looking for content that appeals to all ages, all abilities and all cultures. 

In what format? The simplest idea is running a 2 hour 'interactive science pop up' in the main tent (at least once, possibly twice) with c.10 simultaneous science pop ups taking part in one big room. This is a tried & tested format that is full of energy.... and if this is up your street we'd love to hear from you.  But don't be limited by that idea.  If there is something more you could do (the more creative, the better - off the top of our heads, robot wars/ science comedy / AI demonstrations / engineering graffitti / dismantling a robot and rebuilding it in record time / live experiments on your brain / mini explosions / technology hack.... but you know your expertise more than us!) then we'd love to hear about it. 

Where? As well as the main Spiegeltent space we'll have coffee shops, outdoor spaces, blank canvas spaces, music venues, possibly museums, possibly the Cambridge Union Society, and possibly a whole load of unexpected spaces that we haven't yet thought of as fringe venues.... so if you've got something you want to flaunt, take your pick.

If this appeals, please get in touch asap by filling in the form below now.  We're open for applications for content from now until the end of January.  And if you need a bit more info and what this is all about, then do have a look around this site.

Come be brilliant.


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Please fill in every single thing that you possibly can. The better filled in the form, the better your chances of getting in. We'll almost definitely need more info at a later stage, but this will do for now.