welcome to the

House of cambridge




what are we?  first and foremost, we're lovers of Cambridge.

we also think that there is fun to be had when creative people & festivals collaborate and do extraordinary things together.

we started with a big idea (read below) 

and now we're creating a series of extraordinary events in unexpected spaces to get us there.


for curious people. scroll down to find out more.



The big picture / where we began

Around 30 years ago, Cambridge had an arts festival which crossed all the different arts genres, but disappeared.  Fast forward on to 2018 and the city has at least 8 major, thriving, arts festivals... and more than that it has a whole heap of arts innovators, underground promoters, rising artists & cool brands all doing absolutely brilliant things.  Yet there is nothing showcasing all of it in one brilliant week.  

We think something should (and that it would be brilliant for both people living in and visiting the city) and over the past year have spoken with as many Cambridge brands & festivals as we possibly could and asked whether they would be interested in pulling together for a week long 'feast of festivals'.  The answer was fantastically positive - with people also saying that they wanted a fringe festival around the main festival so that as many people could take part as possible - and our goal is now to make both happen.  We're aiming for the May half term in 2019/20, and it will take place on Parker's Piece in a Paradiso Spiegeltent - an antique and extraordinarily beautiful space that can hold around 800 people - and also in various locations dotted around the city, including the rather gorgeous Cambridge Union Society.  

That's the big picture.  But in the meantime, there is a different kind of fun to be had. 

We're launching, in September 2018, a series of extraordinary events in unexpected spaces, in collaboration with some of the brilliant festivals running in the city of Cambridge. Some will be large, and some will be small. But they will all be that little bit quirky and unexpected, and - we hope - will delight your eyes, ears, tastebuds, noses and skin in equal measure, though not necessarily at the same time.


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If you would like to get involved behind the scenes in helping our events happen, please say hello by email, or if you're a business and can see the opportunity for a sponsorship partnership, please tell us who you are.

And finally, if you'd like to take part, then tell us what you've got and let's talk!



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